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Worlds largest treasure and scavenger hunt.

We have taken the time to go out and decipher Forrest Fenn’s riddle/poem and we have figured it out. We didn’t want to keep it all for ourselves. That defeats the whole purpose of the hunt. We wanted to have some fun with this and film it for television. The person who finds the treasure agrees to give half the treasure back to us for providing you with the information on how to find the treasure. Most of our portion of the treasure will go towards funding the production of the television show. At least some portion of our half of the treasure will be distributed to all of the participants. That way every single contestant is guaranteed to go home with at least some portion of the treasure!

Here is how The Hunt it is going to work.

We have reached a tentative agreement with Adventure Hunts(As seen on Shark Tank)

In addition to providing GPS Coordinates to all contestants of the nine clues, We are also going to have a scavenger hunt that is going to run concurrent with the treasure hunt. All contestants are going to be given additional clues on top of the GPS coordinates of the blaze and the first person to complete this task in succession will be given an additional $50,000.00.

So even if you don’t find the treasure you can still walk away with 50k in your pocket. All participants must agree to be filmed and the people that are chosen for final airing will be compensated for allowing us to air you on television. All people who sign up will be emailed an encrypted message of the exact GPS coordinates of the where warm waters Halt is. Exactly where The home of Brown is. You will be given a video of what heavy loads and water high is,and where the blaze is!

Your cost to join in the fun is only $1150. For your $1150 you will be given the exact GPS coordinates of Where warm waters halt is, where the home of Brown is,  what heavy loads and water high means and the location, and last but not least you  will be given the exact coordinates of the Blaze! Like we said we wanted to have some fun with this so this is what we came up with.

We are absolutely certain that we have figured out the location of all nine clues and we are offering a 100% money back guarantee!

If any of the answers we provide aren’t 100% correct, everyone gets their money back!

We spent tens of thousands of dollars figuring this all out for everyone and we have decided to share it with the world in order to make a television series about it.

We are particularly interested in interviewing people who have searched for the treasure in Colorado and New Mexico and we want to begin filming in those locations prior to the treasure hunt which will begin Sept 3rd.

All participants are required to:

  • show up in person at the city park in Jackson Hole Wyoming at noon on Sept 3rd.
  • After everyone has been signed in and is accounted for, the encryption code will be sent to everyone simultaneously so everyone has the exact same opportunity to get to the treasure.
  • All participants must have a smartphone to be able to participate in the scavenger hunt and all participants must download the Adventure Hunt app on their phones prior to arriving in Jackson Hole.
  • Members of the Adventure Hunt staff will be on location to help anyone who encounters technical difficulties prior to the release of the GPS coordinates of the clues, as well as explain to everyone exactly how the scavenger hunt is going to work.

Please fill out the questionaire portion of the sign up page so that our producers can call if they decide to make your boots on the ground story part of the tv series. Their goal is to choose 100 of the most interesting searchers to be part of the series so please share all that you can about your searches. This is not a trick to try and get anyone to divulge their secret search spots, it is only for production purposes in determining who’s stories will be broadcast leading up to the treasure being found. All participants should plan on taking a week off. The treasure hunt will be completed on the 2nd of June 2020 at the latest.

For additional information please email us at @