Where the Warm Waters Halt

“Where Warm Waters Halt,” is believed by many to be the MAIN clue to solving the puzzle.  Especially considering the usage of the phrase ‘begin it’ immediately following.

So, it looks like we are being told to start our journey at ‘where warm waters halt’.  Forrest has hinted that the puzzle involves a starting point.  So, “Where the Warm Waters Halt” seems to be it.

And, whether or not you believe that “Where the Warm Waters Halt” is the starting point, that line is obviously important – as it is the only couplet in the entire poem that doesn’t rhyme! 

What are these warm waters and why do they halt?

That is something you will find out as part of the tour instructions! Go ahead and click the “Join the Tour” Link at the top of the page to get started!

Forrest claimed he worked on this poem for over 15 years, agonizing over word-choices.  So, it’s hard to believe he didn’t think of using the word balk instead.  So, why did he choose a word which doesn’t rhyme?  Is halt that important?  It’s very likely very important to solving the puzzle and finding the treasure.

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