No Place for the Meek Meaning

No Place for the Meek

Why exactly is this place not for the meek?…

What could “Meek” mean? – adjective

  1. quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive.”I used to call her Miss Mouse because she was so meek and mild”synonyms:patient, long-suffering, forbearing, resigned

The Meek could refer to 2 trappers from the 1800’s – Joseph Meek, Stephen Meek

Almost 200 years ago, Joseph Meek’s group was attacked by indians and he was separated from his group and wandered off into present-day Yellowstone, discovering Mammoth Hot Springs.  This is rather interesting from a Fenn Treasure Hunt perspective, because this all happened right at the Devil’s Slide at the base of Cinnabar Mountain.  Which is right alongside the Yellowstone River, down a canyon, after the last hot springs.

By the way, the Joe Brown Put-in is just downstream, on the other side of the water. Right on top of Cinnabar Mountain is the ghost-town (no place for the meek & the end is ever drawing nigh) of Aldridge and its cemetery. But, there’s more,
Just upstream is the ghost town of Electric.  Electric, Montana used to provide the electricity to all the local mines (heavy loads).  There’s an old gravel pit (more heavy loads), and the end of the old railroad is just up ahead (the end is ever drawing nigh).

Other suggested meanings of the usage of “meek” in the poem could be a reference to the Meek brand of fly fishing reels or the less obscure and broader meaning of an area that is not for the meek of heart like the Pueblo de Toas River.

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