No Paddle Up Your Creek Meaning

No Paddle Up Your Creek – What does it mean?

‘No paddle up your creek’ is an intriguing line, as there are just a lot of possible interpretations. This is another clue that’s not very useful in finding Fenn’s treasure (it doesn’t give us any new or useful information) but it may be very helpful in confirming a location (it could rule a lot of places out). The use of the possessive implies that it’s a named creek, perhaps named after a person.  Better yet if there’s a nearby creek named Searcher Creek or Hunter Creek.  There’s a Hunter Creek in Wyoming, right beside Sheepeater Creek (no place for the meek).  Near Boulder Ridge (heavy load) and Castle Cr.

Considering the previous line, ‘the end is ever drawing nigh’, we could be looking for a creek that’s to the left-hand side.  A creek which we can’t go up (no paddle), or even a dry (dead) creek bed. Where we wouldn’t need a paddle. Also, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that this clue simply means that we don’t take the creek on our left (or the first creek we come across).  

Another possible meaning could be a reference to the phrase, “up the creek without a paddle.” Which generally means that you are in some type of severe trouble that you don’t have a way to get out of. Maybe it means that it won’t be difficult, or that there are resources around that will be useful.

We actually know what it means!

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