Look Quickly Down your Quest to Cease

Look Quickly Down!

This is the end of the Clues. You are there. This clue seems to be rather obvious. But maybe it’s not so obvious. There’s not much to this one. If you have followed the rest of the clues, this clue will be rather obvious. But, you have to be in the right place!

You have reached the end of your journey! Did you get all of the clues right? Joining our Fenn’s Treasure Tour will make sure that you are in the right place! Joining is easy! How much is your time worth? Go ahead and join now! Join by clicking the “Join the Tour” Link at the top of the page!

Since this is the last clue, we thought we would talk a little about why Forrest Fenn hid his treasure in the first place! He has stated, “Lots of people [were] losing their job, despair was written all over the headlines, and I just wanted to give some people hope,” And who doesn’t love a great treasure hunt! That’s one of the reasons the Goonies Movies was such a huge hit!

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