Heavy Loads and Water High

He’s Not Heavy, He’s my… treasure?

The treasure chest, combined with its contents of gold coins and nuggets, weighs-in at over 42 pounds!  So, it’s easy to suggest that ‘heavy loads’ is referring to you carrying the chest out of its hiding spot (or, alternately, Forrest Fenn carrying the chest in to place it at the hiding spot). This might by too obvious though, so lets explore some other alternatives.

Of course, there are lots of other interpretations that fit equally well. ‘Heavy loads’ could easily be referring to electricity of some sort or heavy loads of water, rocks, wood or some other natural barrier. Let’s look at some more specific meanings.

Load: (Noun, Verb)

  • A heavy or bulky thing that is being carried
  • A literal or figurative weight being carried by someone
  • A large amount of something
  • Electrical power
  • Resistance in a circuit
  • Chamber a round into a firearm
  • An explosive charge or bullet
  • Reference to the act of loading something
  • To charge (a gun or other weapon) with ammunition
  • Old English:  Lead

Heavy: (Noun, Adverb)

  • Of great weight
  • Of great density
  • Strong beer
  • Substantial
  • Hard to move
  • Striking or falling with force
  • The big one
  • Important or serious

With the reference to the “waters High” it could be a reference to flood plains where there would be heavy loads of high water. Or it could be a water fall with high water coming down in heavy loads. There are actually a ton of different things it could mean. In order to understand the correct meaning of this clue all of the other clues before it need to be solved.

We have the answer!

As we have stated in our other blog posts for the other clues, We have the answers! To find out what Heavy Loads and Water High is referring to, join the tour! Joining is easy! Click the “Join the Tour” Link at the top of the page!

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