Found the Blaze

What is the Blaze?

‘If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,’ So, what exactly is this blaze? Well, Forrest has said that it’s, for all intents and purposes, a single object.  And, that it wouldn’t be feasible for someone to remove. This actually tells us a lot. Most people assume that the blaze is a trail-blaze, like a mark on a tree.  So, people have been looking for an F carved into a tree along a trail.  But, that can’t possibly be the real blaze, as it would be easy to remove.  Just one person and a jackknife or an axe could do it in minutes.  So, no, we are looking for a permanent blaze.

Forrest has also implied that the blaze is white.  So, a blaze of white rock seems like the most plausible idea.  White rock would stick out in the Yellowstone area (as well as Colorado and New Mexico).But, we also shouldn’t rule out figurative blazes, such as the location of famous forest-fires or other types of fires. And, of course, place names that have a relationship to fire or bright lights or burning or any such thing.

But, don’t discount ‘wise’!  It could be a very important clue as well.  Does it have a directional meaning such as ‘clockwise’?  Does it refer to wise owls?  Something Old?

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