End is Ever Drawing Nigh Meaning

Fenn's Treasure Clues, 5th Clue, end is ever drawing nigh

What is drawing nigh?

From all of the evidence out there, the key word in this clue is “Nigh.” What is it referring to? The The end is coming, but coming to what? Let’s first examine the possible meanings for “nigh” by starting with the definition.

Nigh is an Old English word with Germanic origins. It is generally defined as “near or almost” with the following synonyms:
just about, more or less, practically, virtually, all but, as good as, next to, close to, near, to all intents and purposes, approaching, bordering on, verging on, nearing, about. It reached it’s height of use in the 1800s and had nearly died out by the end of the 1900s. The word has more recently, in the past 8 years, had a surge of use in literature no doubtably due to its use in Thrill of the Chase and the popularity of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Hunt!

There are also some interesting uses of the word nigh in the Bible that could draw some interesting inferences. They generally are not associated with the meaning of the poem, however, so we won’t mention them directly here.

At first glance, ‘the end is ever drawing nigh’ has a rather sinister feel to it.  It gives you the impression of death approaching.
But, ‘nigh’ also has another meaning.  An old usage of the word means ‘on the left’. So, this line could very easily mean ‘something is constantly ending on our left’. Or ‘we are approaching something shortly on our left’. Also, ‘the end’ is ‘ever’ (always) ‘drawing nigh’ (getting nearer).  This seems to imply the end of a stream.  If you go to the end of a stream, it’s always ending, but never actually does.  It’s always drawing nigh, but never getting there.

So, what exactly is drawing nigh?  The end?…

Alternately, ‘drawing’ might be important.  Artists Paintpots in Yellowstone would fit the bill.  Or any other location related to art or artists or painting or drawing (such as Artists Paintpots Hill, Artists Paintpots Trail, Chocolate Pots, Artists Hill, Draughtsmen, etc…).

Or, of course, perhaps this is a throwaway line.  Forrest has mentioned that there are some words in the poem which are of no use in solving the puzzle or finding the treasure.  So, maybe this line means exactly what it appears to mean at first glance:  the end (of your quest to find the treasure chest) is getting close.  With, maybe, a clue in there to confirm that you’re on the right track…

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