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Fenn's Treasure Tour Info

All participants will meet in Jackson Hole Wyoming at the town square on the Thursday before labor Day 2019. The specific location will be announced closer to the meeting date.  All participants will be given a map and be designated a search zone. Participants will be divided into search teams based on their experience and what they are able to contribute to the search team. Everyone will be given a large map where the treasure is guaranteed to be within. The larger map will be split into 10 zones and participants will be divided into 10 different search teams numbered 1 through 10.

The larger map where the location of the treasure is within its borders will also be divided into ten different zones as well. All participants will be pre-assigned a search group to be part of. 1 person representing each search group will draw for what search zone that you must initially begin your search in. After the first day of searching and only after your first day of searching your assigned zone will you be allowed to search anywhere outside your original assigned zone. There will be a leprechaun dressed in a leprechaun outfit that will sell you even more clues to the exact location of the treasure chest on the third day if nobody has found it within the first two days of searching.

make no mistake. The treasure chest will be within the boundaries of the map that you will be given and some lucky participant is going to walk out of there with Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest in tow.